Community Drum Circle Join the Serenity House of Flint for a Community Drum Circle and experience the healing power of sound. Ool Pardi of Strong Heart Drum Medicine will be leading the class.


About Drumming & its Benefits:
Current research now shows the therapeutic effects of drumming techniques. Research indicates that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system. In addition, specific studies conducted by professionals in the fields of music therapy and mental health show us that drumming:
•Reduces tension, anxiety and stress
•Helps control chronic pain
•Boosts the immune system
•Releases negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma

Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, produces feelings of well-being, a release of emotional trauma and reduces stress.
Stress, according to current medical research, contributes to nearly all diseases and is a primary cause of such life-threatening illnesses as heart attacks, strokes and immune system breakdowns. Chronic pain, which many of our veteran’s experience, has a progressively draining effect on the quality of life.
Research suggests that drumming serves as a distraction from pain and grief. Specifically, drumming promotes the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, the body’s own morphine-like pain killers, and can thereby help to control pain.

Drum Circles also provide an opportunity for participants to feel connected with others and gain a sense of interpersonal support. A drum circle provides an opportunity to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level. Group drumming alleviates self-centeredness, isolation and alienation. There are great benefits to feeling connected to others, especially those in similar situations.