What if you had a ticking time clock on the moments you had left on this earth? Would it change the way you see your everyday life? Would it make you brush off the small stuff, and be careful what you put your time into? Ferris Wheel member Devon Godfrey thought it would.

If you knew the date you were going to die, then you would spend each moment living life to the fullest. What was once an idea, but now a reality, is the new app called ByMorte. This app projects your death ten years into the future, then continually reminds you that your death is coming. Hearing this, you might think  it sounds terrifying putting your life on a downward countdown, but it can be the exact opposite. Devon’s hope is to be inspiring others to live everyday like they won’t have more days to come. In actuality, we don’t. Face it, we are all set out to die, but through ByMorte, features like; reminders, quotes and a meditation timer will help influence you to make the one life we all have count. The idea behind the meditation timer comes from a quote by Stephan Covey, “Putting space between stimulation and response.” Devon figured how to include self reflection into the app, to keep yourself moving forward. He says, “The reason for integrating [meditation] into my app is that after looking at your time drop another day it's good to take at least 10 minutes to think about what you've done in the past 24 hours, and what you can do to better to find meaning, or execute your meaning if you've already found it.” This will keep you moving forward into a better person, and ultimately a better life.

ByMorte is of course fictitious, in reality, that day chosen is most likely not the day you’ll die. We have all been in a situation where “someday” is much easier saying than actually going and doing. ByMorte is the change in that.

Devon was working in the Dryden building when he came up with the idea.  It came to him, when  he noticed a trend in this generation of people in the United States walking around with no purpose. He says, “In short, due to many great forces, it's getting harder and harder for the average person to find meaning.” He continues on,  “As children grow up with these forces and accept them as normal, they are less and less likely to seek meaningful lives for themselves as they reach adulthood, and are even less likely to pass on meaning to their own children,” he noticed the issue, and he came up with his own solution. So then came the creation of the app ByMorte. The app was launched January 15, 2018 for Android users, then shortly after, Apple users will be able to download.

“My continual interactions with Skypoint Ventures and 100K Ideas really helped me gather what I needed to make this happen in the form of support people and a place to develop the app.” The Ferris Wheel quickly became his new home and he worked in the coworking space.

If this app is not your forte, there are still other ways to get motivation in your life. On the ByMorte website, there is a quote of the day club. Each day there is an inspirational quote that can be sent to your email, to give you a little jumpstart to your day.

2018 is not the year to watch others chase their dreams and get the ball rolling in their own lives. It is time to get your life on the innovative path, just like the ByMorte website (bymorte.com) says, “ByMorte is an app designed to make you hustle,” so what are you waiting for? Get at it, go hustle.


Visit Bymorte, here.


Aritcle written by Taylor Maxheimer.

Images from Bymorte.com.

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