On December 22nd, 2017 a group of young innovators visited the Ferris Wheel Building from Perry Innovation. Accompanied by Vickie Weiss and parents, students were introduced to the concept of 100k Ideas from Professional Project Manager Brandy Cooke and Owner of the Ferris Wheel David Ollila.  

These bright group of students didn’t come to learn what an innovator or entrepreneur was because they already knew it! They themselves have been learning and experiencing what it takes to innovate and create a business in school. President David Ollila was astounded by some of the answers he received when asking them questions stating “Wow I think I need to get all of your resumes” in a serious but joking manner. 

Students were introduced to the 100k Ideas process Think Make Market, unique entrepreneurial game board, and dashboard. Intrigued by the organization, one of the questions asked by students was “is there an age limit”. Excited by the question David responded by telling them how we would love to have each and everyone of them bring an idea here to us.  

Our goal is to open the doors for anyone, young, old, experience, non-experienced to give them an opportunity to become inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. The students from Perry Innovation are an example of the diverse group we welcome here at the Ferris Wheel Building. As we continue to promote the common good and provide economic opportunities, we hope to help elevate ideas and business to successful products and companies. 



Article and pictures by Rayshawn Riley.

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