On December 1st, 2017 the Ferris Wheel welcomed the Freebots Robotic Team of Freedom Middle School from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Accompanied by Amari Myles from the Flint Genesee Chamber of Commerce, every year a devoted group of middle school students collaborate in an effort to resolve problems they are given for their projects. This year, the theme is Hyrdro Dynamics and their assigned problem is contaminated water. 

Led by Kabwatha and Cora Adu, they are given the opportunity to research and travel to different states who are experienced in this area of work or may have been impacted by this particular problem. Fitting that they chose Flint seeing that our city has been affected by water contamination; they have come to 100k Ideas inside the Ferris Wheel to introduce their solution to our team and learn about what we do or how we could help them. 


Transport, dispose and use are the three aims in every project given to the students. These complex problems require a unique set of skills and passion to compose a  product that can be utilized in helping a community. This product must be demilitarized, customizable and portable. The Packaging Plant is the title given for the project and development of their robot on their robotics tables demonstrates a constructive piece that may be small in size but is powerful in its ability. This years robot is named Water Worx Machine and its purpose is to decontaminate water by connecting water sources to their robot that will purify and feed out chemicals that eliminates bacteria that can make water go bad. Their robot has the potential to be something big and we are thrilled that they have come to share their amazing robot with our team here at the Ferris Building. 



Article by Rayshawn Riley

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